Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP)

Well...dah byk post cite psl g berjalan n post kali ni sedikit ilmiah...^^

HSRP Config
To setup HSRP on a pair of routers,
Router 1:
From the Interface Configuration Mode add the IP Address of the Interface
hsrp-router1#conf t
hsrp-router1(config)# int fa0/0
hsrp-router1(config-if)# ip address
Set the Virtual IP Address
Sets the Virtual IP Address for the interface where "1" is the HSRP group and "" is the Virtual IP for the HSRP group.
hsrp-router1(config-if)# standby 1 ip
Enable Preempt
This is required to make the router from being a Standby Router to an Active Router when it finds the Active Router is down or if it has become the higher priority router in the group
hsrp-router1(config-if)# standby 1 preempt
Set Router Priority
The default priority is "100". We set here as "110" to make the Router 1 as active.
hsrp-router1(config-if)# standby 1 priority 110
Set Authentication String
This is an optional plain text 8 character string that can be used in the multicast "hello" packets to authenticate the HSRP group.
hsrp-router1(config-if)# standby 1 authentication LocalLAN
Set Timers
Sets the time period between the "hello" packets and the hold time before assuming an active router is down. Default is 3seconds and 10 seconds respectively.
hsrp-router1(config-if)# standby 1 timers 5 15
Track Interface
If you track interface to check link status then the following command will track an interface and when the tracked link is down, the active router will mark its priority low so as to allow a Standby router to take over.
hsrp-router1(config-if)# standby 1 track se0/0
Repeat the procedure altering the IP Address of the Local interface and the priority and the tracked interface.
Router 2:
hsrp-router2#conf t
hsrp-router2(config)# int fa0/0
hsrp-router2(config-if)# ip address
hsrp-router2(config-if)# standby 1 ip
hsrp-router2(config-if)# standby 1 preempt
hsrp-router2(config-if)# standby 1 priority 100
hsrp-router2(config-if)# standby 1 authentication LocalLAN
hsrp-router2(config-if)# standby 1 timers 5 15
hsrp-router2(config-if)# standby 1 track se0/0
Thats it. HSRP configuration is complete. You may test the connectivity to a remote route and see for yourself the redudancy in place.